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How To Do Magic

So, you want to learn how to do magic but the problem is, magicians are notoriously good secret keepers.

For centuries, magicians have guarded their secrets and protected the mysteries of illusions which continue to elude the public.

A question I get asked more than any other is, “how do you do that!?”. The truth is, if I was to turn around and explain exactly what I did, that person would most likely be emotionally crushed.

In an era of relative cynicism where everything can be explained with a simple “Google” (or a Bing if that’s your thing), magic is an anomaly. 

It taps into a child-like sense of wonder that is unlike anything else we experience in our day-to-day lives. I have been fortunate enough to perform for the CEOs of renowned companies such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft as a close up, stage and virtual magician.

Through these experiences, observing the world’s brightest minds as they experience something utterly inexplicable to them is what makes my job eternally rewarding.

How I Perform Magic

A close second interaction said to me at either corporate events or weddings is “I know you can’t tell me how you did that or you’ll be kicked out of The Magic Circle… and they’re not wrong!

Everyone has to start somewhere, so how can you learn?

Unfortunately, I won’t be detailing how it is I perform the tricks and illusions you see me perform. However, if you want to begin a journey into the world of performance magic, read one!

Do I Teach Magic?

There are many ways to begin your journey and learn how to perform magic. I know it’s my blog and I’m slightly partisan but I’d heavily recommend downloading my app, Magic Masterclass – available on the App Store!

At the end of 2022, Magic Masterclass was created with the express intent of offering tuition to those with a passing interest in the art. Like competitive tutorials, the app is structured in that you watch the performance element first, followed by the secret reveal promptly thereafter.

The app shall continually grow and expand. We have very exciting prospects lined up such as an interview with world-renowned illusionist Derren Brown (one of the greatest magicians alive today).

Magic Masterclass teaches tricks with cards, coins, pens, mobile phones, and even people’s minds!

All performances and explanations are shot in a broadcast-quality studio with professional audio mixing and multiple camera angles so you will not miss a thing!

How Do I Learn Magic On My Own?

It is important to bear in mind there are many variations of magic. As a result, each category has its own fundamental principles. I would always recommend finding a teacher/mentor if possible. However, I have listed some of the best resources to provide an excellent foundation for your newfound skill!

When you are learning how to do magic, books are an excellent place to begin. Having said that, I’ve always found myself to be more of a visual learner – I can certainly propose compelling video recommendations.

Other resources

I started learning from a book called “The Royal Road To Card Magic” by Jean Hugard. This book is still believed to be one of the best books on card magic available today. It is a wonderful read filled with card “moves” as well as “tricks”. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that it is also available on DVD.

If coin tricks prove to be appealing, a book titled “Bobo’s Coin Magic” is considered to be the definitive guide for beginners, guiding the way through to advanced coin manipulation. It is available on Amazon!

Maybe you want to learn how to perform mentalism? If that is your vibe, then “13 Steps To Mentalism” by Corinda is the immediate go-to book of every serious mind reader of the last half century!

The real secret behind performing great magic though is fine-tuning your presentation.

It is no coincidence that the best magicians of the last century gained formidable reputations as world-class storytellers. Practising sleight of hand is undeniably important, but an abundance of tricks does not equal a more magical experience – this is where your performance comes in.

There are two books I’d recommend: “Maximum Entertainment” by Ken Weber and “Strong Magic” by Darwin Ortiz. The latter of these is for advanced performers, so I’d recommend starting with Weber.

It is worth mentioning various magic sets ideal for beginners. I started learning magic around 10 years old from the “Marvin’s Magic Set” which I picked up from a local toy shop. Marvin (a member of the Inner Magic Circle) and his magic company offer fantastic sets, packed with props and gimmicks, which are ideal to practise with.

Magic Workshops for Adults

Children and adults like all want to learn how to do magic. I have taught in workshops to leading brands such as Google, Volkswagen, and Spotify. They always go down a storm as everyone loves to learn a trick or two. They particularly enjoy learning the psychology of magic and why it works.

I am capable of teaching in-person or virtually – whichever best suits you or your company.

Get in touch today and check my availability.  I would love to work with you!

How Do I Learn Magic Quickly?

There is both good news and bad news here.

You cannot become a professional magician overnight.  Apologies, I understand that this is hard to take in.

It takes years of studying sleight of hand, industry performances, stage and/or film production. As well as this, you need to learn theory and methods of magic which enable incredible feats to be performed.

Whilst the road to becoming a magician is a long one, you can easily learn how to do magic and incredible tricks which will make you the most popular guest at your next gathering! Just making a career out of it, takes a lot longer.

How Do I Become a Professional Magician?

If you are interested in becoming a professional magician, I’d recommend downloading my app. First see how you get on with a few simple tricks and whether or not you enjoy the practice.

Should you find yourself loving it, perhaps attempt a complimentary performance.

Please do not hesitate to reach out; I would be more than happy to steer you in the right direction!

Are you enjoying this Q&A format about my journey in magic?  Do you have any specific questions?

Let me know in the comments below!