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From the greatest magician in history, to the worlds leading brands, Fergus has received glowing reviews from them all! Have a read below and see what clients had to say about when Fergus attended their event…

‘’Fergus is not only a hugely talented magician – one of the finest close-up magicians in the country – but also the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. He’s one of very few I’d recommend: you and your guests will absolutely adore him’’ 

Derren Brown

BAFTA Award Winning Magician
The Virtual Magician Of The Year
100+ 5 Star Google Reviews
Performed on 6 continents
Member of The Magic Circle

A final few words…


“Fergus Flanagan. You won’t ever be able to erase his name from your memory bank much like every single incredible morsel of his craft…When you come across a talent like this, he sets a benchmark that’s grossly unattainable by others. Humble, astonishingly natural, he is a force in his field (and beyond!). Fergus’ ability to engage with every single individual for every single minute (with the use of tech), makes me wonder if he has the power of hypnosis! A guy with a heart the size of the entire Magic Circle, he has EQ that’s off the chart and a way about him that genuinely leaves you in awe. What can I book Fergus for next is what I am working on….”


“What a joy Fergus was! Fantastic host, personable, and a 10/10 magician. Could not recommend enough!”


“We had Fergus perform two shows in the lead-up to Christmas and they were an absolute hit with everyone! The show is super engaging, polished and absolutely mind-blowing. Working with Fergus before and after the shows was also a pleasure. He’s very professional, thoughtful and kind. An all-round great experience!” 

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“Fergus’ ability to engage with a large audience (c.100 people) was fantastic…and his magic tricks were incredible…still in awe of them now. Fergus was also very professional before the event…couldn’t recommend him enough!” Deloitte

Private Client | Judy Naake

“Fergus is charming, and professional and would be the perfect fit for any audience. I thoroughly recommend this amazing entertainer, the perfect icebreaker!” Judy Naake

Set Piece Events 

“I’ve had the good fortune of working with Fergus 20+ times now. His tricks continue to wow our clients and he is a true pleasure to work with. I would never hire anyone else” 

Private Client | Sara Mullarkey

“His tricks were mind-boggling and even months later guests are still reminiscing about his performance. Would love to hire him again, just need to a reason for holding another party!”