Magic at weddings has become a popular go to for wedding entertainment. Wedding magician Fergus, will make your guests feel at ease with his infectious charm and personality. He’ll worry about keeping your guests entertained so you don’t have to!


During the drinks reception at a wedding is the perfect time for Fergus to perform magic. Magic serves as a great talking point for guests to kick start their socialising! More often than not, wedding guests don’t know each other – and magic is the perfect ice breaker, getting people engaging with each other and having fun!  Whether you are off having photos done or tending to guests, you don’t have to worry – your loved ones couldn’t be in better hands!


What better way to keep your guests entertained than having them hear applause, cheers and screams circulating the room!

Fergus never performs whilst people are eating – no one wants a photo with a face full of food! Instead, he works the room in tandem with food service, performing a short show at each table. This serves several purposes: it keeps a rhythm and a flow to the meal and means your guests are never bored; it also gets the whole table involved and entertained, once again breaking down barriers for those that don’t know each other!

“That is like nothing I’ve seen before”

Sue Barker


Greg Wallace


Chris Robshawe

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