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Why book a Magician for your party

Why book a magician for your party? Comedians? Singers? DJs? Actors? The list goes on…

All are well and good fun – but if you want to truly transform your summer party into a day that everyone will remember for years to come, a professional magician is the best option for you!

We all are fascinated by the ever-changing concept of magic. It is something that has ensnared us throughout our years as a species.  What was once ethereal became heresy. What was heresy became diligent training productions. That, too, in turn, morphed into something visceral and raw.

Unfortunately, the modern populace has become tragically disengaged with unrealistic expectations. The inclusion of magic is just what you need to shatter any preconceived notions.

Magicians are serious performers, dedicating their entire lives to perfecting their craft. Ask any performer what their end goal is, and most would say they want nothing more than to convince audiences – no matter how brief – that magic was indeed very real.

With that being said, professionals within the industry make it their life’s mission to bring happiness whilst simultaneously connecting others.

The focus of this article is, why book a close up magician for your party. Booking me as a stage magician is also a great option(!) but shall be covered in a different article.

Do you surprise your guests with a magician arriving from seemingly out of nowhere? Or do you advertise the fact beforehand to create a sense of excitement amongst those attending?  Either option presents a unique premise, which would effectively work either way. I will leave that to your capable hands.

Why book a magician for your party?

Below are just a few of the reasons why contacting a professional magician – such as yours truly – should be your immediate first option when planning your next social gathering.

Simple requirements

We are not confined to a single place or routine. We do not require a stage, PA system, or professional lighting. A close up magician strolls amongst your guests, bringing the magic quite literally before your eyes.

Photo opportunities

Furthermore incorporating a magician with a professional photographer to capture your guests’ reactions forever cements your event as one for the ages! This could be shared in print, on a website, or across a host of social media platforms. Your event would gain prominence that would last more than simply a single evening.

Interaction amongst guests

Another reason why magicians are heralded as the number one entertainment of choice is because it invokes audience participation and subsequent interaction. They inevitably stimulate conversation, turning strangers into immediate friends. As a result, your guests become intertwined with the entertainment itself!

Lasting memories

Because magic is undeniably memorable!

People might recall a hilarious joke or a dangerous stunt, but a magical act? That lasts forever!

At the end of the day, the love for magic is also universal. Who doesn’t like magic? Individuals tend to have a preference for music, or food, or comedy – but no one will ever say no to witnessing a magic trick before their eyes.

Would you?

I certainly would not!


Magicians are also a highly adaptable option. Birthday party? Perfect!  Work event? Yes! Professional magicians cover the entire party spectrum. Our universal appeal evokes amazement, instantly transforming adults back into their childhoods – albeit for a few hours.  We also are perfect for a morning event, or a late-night soiree.

Inspiries thinking

Hiring a magician also promotes positive values, teamwork, and logical thinking. A magician excels in engaging their audience, evoking critical discussions that shall last far longer than the event itself. Magic inspires both emotions and reactions, ensuring that your event will be unforgettable!

Ever been to a party in which the atmosphere is extremely awkward?  Does no one really know one another? A professional magician is the ultimate icebreaker!

Perhaps you are planning an extravagant event. To buy yourself time for the next portion or to just simply give you a break, a professional magician is the ideal attention grabber. An audience’s natural curiosity will kick in, focusing entirely on the performer which will allow the host(s) to regroup.

Not convinced? Having a magician strut their stuff would inevitably brighten the mood! This will cause people to unwind and burst into laughter, immediately fostering a positive environment throughout the event.

Another major plus for consulting a magician as your summer party entertainment lies in their diversity. Your audience will not be subjected to an hour of card tricks. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! Magicians are consummate professionals, usually having more than one arrow in their quiver. Be sure to enter discussions with the performer beforehand to gauge the diversity of their routines.

Recording your event – be it through pictures or videos – will show your guests smiling and laughing with their mouths agape at the magic occurring before their eyes. These brilliant expressions are ideal for capturing photography. How often do you see loved ones you care for looking so joyous?

Because magic is unusual and requires participation, hiring a professional magician ensures that your event will avoid unnecessary lulls. Like any event – be it a wedding or corporate retreat – there will be dips in engaged guests. A magician shall immerse them into their routine, keeping their spirits high!

Unique entertainment

One particular aspect in which approaching a professional magician would be the X factor. How many people do you think have actually seen a professional magician strut their stuff up front and in person?  The added sense of intrigue and suspense would raise your event from wonderful to spectacular!

When I – or any of my esteemed colleagues – perform magic in front of an audience, we incorporate the art of storytelling into our routines.  We also strive to insert an unshakeable feeling of optimism into those watching us strut our stuff. How many times have you seen a performer display their skills, making you wish that you could follow in their footsteps?

As we recover from recent worldwide events, we all are trying to recoup and save our finances.  In some shape or another, humanity has suffered economically over the last few years. Hiring a magician means that your entertainment of choice will not force you to break the bank. If that doesn’t convince you, nothing will!

As stated earlier, professional (and experienced) magicians are extremely malleable. We can adapt. Perhaps your guests become ever too slightly intoxicated or have broken up into smaller groups: this would allow your magician to survey through the crowd to perform mini routines. If not, the magician could always set up an area specifically for those interested in seeing him execute his work.

This also applies if your event occurs outside during the evening or later at night. The magician may move around from group to group, performing close up magic to bring smaller clusters together in a considerably more intimate setting.

It is important to note that a rule of thumb is to keep your audience wanting more. As such, please do not ask for your magician to perform for hours and hours on end. While this could occur, you naturally will want your performer to produce something where they performing tricks that provide the maximum impact.

Do not hesitate to regularly engage with your magician throughout the evening: perhaps they will recommend something new that has the potential to raise your solid event into something spectacular.  Communication is key. Remember – a magician is not just your entertainer. They are also your partner for the event.

Magic is anything but magic. Hear me out. Magic is science. Magic is art. It is psychological: it can be a quick escape for people.

Magic is instilling regular young boys and girls with an inner strength that they never thought possible, equipping them to go one-on-one with a rampaging dragon. Step too far?

The only thing that magic is not…. Is magic.


Thank you for reading!  Should this post resonate with you, please do not hesitate to comment below or to reach out to me directly!  I would love to connect with you!