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Virtual Magician

Virtual magician Fergus has performed over 1000 shows for the worlds leading brands on 6 of the 7 continents – making him one of the most established performers globally. His 2020/2021 story as a virtual magician was covered by BBC News, The Guardian and Red Bull.

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What is a virtual Magician?

A virtual magician is when you watch a magician perform via the internet. Fergus’ interactive virtual magic is filled with jaw-dropping magic tricks that will leave you and your colleagues amazed. Your minds will be blown as words you are merely thinking of are revealed by Fergus. You can experience the virtual magician from anywhere in the world.  Because of how the show is constructed, every decision made is in your hands and your homes. No one will feel like they are sat watching a YouTube video because it is so interactive. It will feel every bit as powerful as if you were there watching Fergus perform close-up magic in-person. Prepare to have your mind melted by The Virtual Magician Of The Year.

Virtual Magician | Stopping Time | Wow Reactions

What is a Zoom Magician?

A zoom magician and a virtual magician are the same thing. Because Zoom is so widely used (the worlds most used online events platform), sometimes online performers describe themselves as a Zoom magician instead of a virtual magician or an online magician. Understandably, you may find that confusing – but rest assured, they are the same thing! If you don’t use Zoom – no problem, because Fergus is by no means exclusive to Zoom. Having worked across every major online events platform the internet has to offer, he’ll show up as a virtual magician wherever your event is!

When can I have a Virtual Magician?

When is your next online get together? Perhaps you are tired of experiencing the same digital dial in? You can have a virtual magician at any occasion. Fergus has performed his virtual magic show for companies such as Google, Amazon, Monzo, Spotify, NBC, the list goes on. He has an incredible amount of experience performing as a virtual magician for a host of events. He has performed at company meetings, for International conferences, product launches, and even virtual trade shows.

Your needs will be completely catered for with his virtual magic show packages ranging from 20 minutes, to a 1 hour experience. He can even create bespoke tricks that incorporate your companies brand and themes (the 3 package options are listed below). If you require virtual events entertainment that is completely unique, Fergus will fit your occasion perfectly. If  you use any one of the following platforms, then Fergus is already experienced with them: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Blue Jeans, Google Meet and WebEx.

Virtual Magician | Zoom Magician | Online Magician

Why book virtual magician Fergus?

Fergus has performed as a virtual magician on every major online platform for the worlds leading brands across 6 of the world’s 7 continents . Drop Fergus a line now to see how a party magician can make your special occasion an even bigger success.


5 star Magician | Best Magician

“We had Fergus come along to our December team meeting. His ability to engage with a large audience (c.100 people) was fantastic (especially given the zoom fatigue people feel) and his magic tricks were incredible! I am still in awe of them now. The team absolutely loved the event and the time flew by. Fergus was also very professional before the event, meeting up over zoom to discuss the team and the event. I couldn’t recommend virtual magician Fergus enough!”


Kyla Moffatt | Private Client

5 star Magician | Best Magician

“Review of Fergus’ virtual magic show. I love magic, so I booked it thinking I would see a few neat tricks and that would be that. What I got instead was a complete show that I would have been thrilled with had I bought tickets and watched with an audience. It is amazing from start to finish. Fergus is a delight to watch and to work with in setting up the experience.”

CDC Group

5 star Magician | Best Magician

“Absolutely wonderful! Fergus is so entertaining, charismatic and captivating. He hosted a virtual magic show for my colleagues and everyone was amazed by his talent! The show was incredible despite being via a video call. I have seen his live show and I was so happy that the virtual one was just as brilliant – no magic lost experiencing it online! Thank you Fergus!” 

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Samantha Mukhtar | Private Client

5 star Magician | Best Magician

“Fergus may well be the best magician you’ll meet! I’ve had the pleasure of watching him both in-person and as a virtual magician where he provides a phenomenal virtual magic show that will blow your mind! Always a treat to watch, his talent and charisma will make him a booking you won’t regret!”

BAFTA Award Winning Magician
The Virtual Magician Of The Year
100+ 5 Star Google Reviews
Performed on 6 continents
Member of The Magic Circle

Don’t take our word for it…

Fergus is not only a hugely talented magician – one of the finest close up magicians in the country – but also the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. He’s one of very few I’d recommend: you and your guests will absolutely adore him

Derren Brown

What a joy Fergus was! Fantastic host, personable, and a 10/10 magician. Could not recommend enough!


We had Fergus perform two shows in the lead up to Christmas and they were an absolute hit with everyone! The show is super engaging, polished and absolutely mind-blowing. Working with Fergus before and after the shows was also a pleasure. He’s very professional, thoughtful and kind. An all round great experience!


Fergus performed to a packed room of 350+ M&A professionals ranging from aged 19 to 50+ and had the entire room absolutely gripped! The feedback was tremendous and he will go down as one of our all time best 'guest speakers'! Thank you and we look forward to having you back.


It is hard to put into words how grateful we are to Fergus for performing at our wedding. It is probably the 5th time we have seen him perform at either a private or corporate event. Each time his act varies and it’s like we see him for the first time again. He is a truly wonderful person and an absolutely incredible performer. Couldn’t recommend him highly enough.

Leah BakerPrivate Client

Fergus was our No 1 choice for our corporate global annual get together for 2020 via Zoom. When you come across a talent like this, he sets a benchmark that's grossly unattainable by others. Humble, astonishingly natural…A guy with a heart the size of the entire Magic Circle, he has EQ that's off the chart and a way about him that genuinely leaves you in awe.

Cloud Margin

Fergus preformed virtual magic shows for two corporate functions we held for key stakeholders. He was professional, charming and most importantly the magic was incredible!


We booked Fergus for a virtual online event. He was utterly brilliant. The tricks were mind-blowing and it was fantastic to walk away with a couple of tricks that he taught us too! Would definitely book him again!